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Monday, February 17, 2014

Levi also made a rocket


Ivy made a rocket

Hello Gorgeous: An Explication of the Picture of My Studio in its True State

I had a real breakthrough moment last Thursday when, for the first time in my life, I was able to have someone come into my work studio without apologizing for the mess. It felt GOOD! And it feels even better because she is going to be coming twice a week for sewing lessons and she's already seen the room in its natural state--she has no expectations that it will ever be any tidier. I'm very proud of myself.

Oh, the title--Hello Gorgeous. My student is a delightful 8-year-old who picked the Hello Gorgeous print by Windham Fabric to use for her first project. I've decided to call her "Hello Gorgeous." And she likes it. :)

PS: I've heard tell that smiley emoticons are very passe. I don't care. I like smiling. :)  :)  :)

The real me

Monday, January 7, 2013

Laminated Cotton 40" Fabrics, 42" Fabrics, and 56" Fabrics

40" laminated cottons

Blue anchors on white

Valentine Doilies Red
Halle Rose Geo Teal--1.5 yards left
Halle Rose Main Teal
Just Dreamy Main Cream
Valentine Damask Pink
Valentine Damask Red

Flower Patch Bees Multi
Flower Patch Bouquet Green
Flower Patch Main Brown
Halle Rose Damask Teal

Vintage Happy Circles

Valencia Main Green

Valencia Green with Orange Dots

Splendor Damask Pink Tone-on-Tone (limited amount)

Floriography Floral Pink

Floriography Blossoms Green 

Floriography Floral Blue

Quatrefoil in Black

Vintage Happy Sewing Patterns Blue

Vintage Happy Sewing Patters Pink

Lost and Found Organics

Evening Wallpaper White (very little left)

White Polka Dots on Orange

Christmas chevron

Soft Pink Chevron

White Polka Dots on Black

Lime Green Chevron

Patriotic Chevron

Solid Gray

White Polka Dots on Yellow

dGray, Red, Blue, Orange Chevron

Rainbow Chevron

Mixed Girl Chevron

Bohemian Festival Stripes

Dress Up Days Red, Blues, Green Small Chevron

Dress Up Days Orange, Green, Purple Small Chevron

Dress Up Days Grape Flowers

Lilac and White Chevron

Black and White Chevron

Navy and White Chevron

Gray and White Chevron

Kelly Green and White Chevron

Orange and White Chevron

Hot Pink and White Chevron

Red and White Chevron

Yellow and White Chevron

Red Tone-on-Tone Chevron (limited quantity)

Gray with white polka dots

42" Laminated Cottons

La Paloma Tea Stained, currently out of stock,
scheduled to be back in stock in late July.
La Paloma Brights
Los Novios black
2-D Zoo Dark blue and greens

2-D Zoo in Blues and Greens currently out of stock

2-D Zoo in Bright Colors

Jardin Colorido in Red


Gotas de Amor Royal

Gotas de Amor Tea Stained

Jardin Colorido Spice Yellow

Leis, Luaus, and Alohas Black

Los Senoritas 


52" Heavyweight Laminated Cottons and Cotton/Linens

Solid Ivory: 52" wide, heavyweight, 50% higher price 
Solid White52" wide, heavyweight, 50% higher price
Solid Natural: 52" wide, heavyweight, 50% higher price
All Star
Gray and cream chevron
Gray and cream damask
Black and ivory damask
Gray and ivory geometric
Red and ivory geometric
bright giraffes on ivory
Dinosaurs on blue
Just Dreamy Dots

Ripple Brown

Happyland Candice

56" Wide Laminated Cottons

Arrows on white

White diamonds on gray

Black and white stripes

Saltwater Seashells Coral

White with small yellow and glittery gold dots

Sugar Hill roses and dots blue

Sugar Hill roses and dots pink

Sugar Hill Lantern blue

Sugar Hill Lantern ivory

Sugar Hill Scattered Roses green

Sugar Hill Scattered Roses White

Tula Pink Squirrels in Pink

Tree of Life Cinnamon

Saltwater Sea Stripes Coral

Saltwater Seashells Aqua

Alchemy Cottage Fairy Tale Sky

Field Study Mind's Eye Jazz

Field Study Spotted Grace

Gone Fishing

Summersault Flowerpop Lake

Summersault Flowerpop Watermelon

Weekend Dots and Loops Peach

Weekend Dots and Loops Red (not much left)

Weekends Saturday Butter

Cameo Hopscotch Lake

Tea Roses Silver

Henna Flowers Grass

Urban Zoologie Ladybugs

Urban Zoologie Monkeys

Urban Zoologie Bright Birds

This and That Bright Shoes

Wonder Bright Rainbows (limited quantity)

Flirty Flowers

Little Kukla Stacking Dolls

Bright foxes on dark blue


Heather Bailey Freshcut Finery

Dear Stella Peacock Feathers

Dear Stella Mixed Images

Dear Stella Tear Drops

Dear Stella Tulips

Espresso Parisian Collage

Blue on Blue Curlicues

Blue and Green Damask

Gold and Pink Flowers

Mums Aqua and Pink

Swirls Aqua and Pink

Pink and Gold Damask

Rose Peacock Flowers (very little left)

White Blooms on Pink

Amy Butler Pink and Orange Damask

Girl Letters

Starlight Green Chartreuse
Queen Street Jodi Green
(that's the name although I think it looks more blue)

Purple Pink Floral (very little left)

Queen Street Jodi Fuschia