Sunday, January 18, 2009

One More Thing

I forgot to post a Levi picture today. This one shows his two little teeth (did I mention that I was the first to discover BOTH of his teeth?).

So today Erin decides to let Levi taste bread. Now let me tell you a little about Erin. She's very particular about what Levi eats: one new food a week; fresh and unprocessed; grind your own baby food at the table; etc. I couldn't even let him lick the chili spoon today! So she comes down the stairs with some spongy white bread today, ready to let the perfect baby take a taste. I very kindly, no pressure, suggest that perhaps a good full-grain wheat bread might be better for the bebe, and she pretends to agree. I mean, that white bread will give him constipation and could totally choke him--all gluey and sticky in his mouth!

Then the minute my back is turned, Erin is shoving white bread into the little dear's mouth. And she didn't even have the guts to confess! I had to use my deductive skills: empty bread sack, flecks of crust on the blanket around Levi, and a glazed look in his eyes! I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked!

A Late Night Preview

I think I'm getting smarter. :) Tonight I have been taking pictures all along while working on a Valentine's project. It's not done yet, so here's just a little taste--I hope you think it's yummy! It's made with red and white felt and a pink purl cotton blanket stitch. Oh, yeah. This project was inspired by something Martha did with a pink napkin and a pair of scissors in the current magazine. And talking about Martha, while I usually like her stuff, sometimes she really has some wonky ideas, like this Valentine's hat for a baby. This is NOT an idea I will be stealing from MDF Martha.

PS: CTR (Charlet Totally Rocks)

TRIM training: Coupon Clutch

At work last week I began TRIM training--eliminating waste and increasing value. One tool we learned about was called 5S--can't recall what it stands for but I remember that part of it means a place for everything and everything in it's place. That inspired me to clean out my purse, which reminded me of one of my biggest challenges at keeping paper stuff and my purse tidy: where to keep the coupons. So this morning I made a coupon clutch for my purse that was big enough for all of my favorite coupons: Joann's ads and Costco coupon booklets as well as printed-from-online coupons for Hobby Lobby and groceries. Now that I've got a place for coupons, we'll see how tidy I can keep my purse. (I'm not holding my breath while still feeling surprisingly hopeful.)

The next 5S project is my desk at work--arghhh! It's ALWAYS a disaster! I'll take before and after pics.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Renae's great idea

Just lost everything I'd written--dang! I'll try again. I think the computer is still in sleep mode since it's so early in the morning.

I just finished hanging the three mini ironing boards that I made into cork boards, per Renae's suggestion. She's so dang smart!

Here's what they look like all together . . .

And here's the middle one, close up so you can see the cute pattern . . .

All three are covered with Heather Bailey fabrics from my latest favorite fabric store: Material Girls. I should just sign over my paycheck to them--it would be faster!

And since you're here and I know you want to see his cute little face, here's the latest Levi pic . . .
I call this one "Levi wants to taste the camera."

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yay! Both goals achieved!!!

Here's what I just posted on etsy: a covered-button hair elastic and a pincushion. Boy, that feels good.

Cute little face

Oh yeah . . . this is the face I'm talking about.
A goal for today: to take pictures and post at least one new thing here and on etsy. Wahoo!

In the last three months, I've been crazy busy (and loving every minute of it) making things to sell at boutiques (two so far) and on etsy (one so far!). After seriously depleting my stash at the Christmas boutique at work (what a rush that was--so fun because it was so unexpected), I've been restocking and trying out some new things, too--felt snowflakes, felted wool pencil cases (idea from Patti that I made last year then refined last week with stabilizer ironed on to the wool before cutting out the pieces--I like it soooo much better than my last one) . (Thanks go to Annie, also, for passing on her unwanted wool sweaters--don't you just love recying!) I'm also working on some mini ironing board covers (thanks for the idea, Renae) to use as decoration/bulletin board in my sewing area. I'm just waiting for a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby (maybe this week?) to buy some cork board to put under the fabric and see how that works. Oh, and I want to make some mini covered-button tacks to go with the board.

An update on perfect-grandbaby Levi: he gets better everyday! It just doesn't seem possible. I never imagined the joy one little boy could bring into my life; his smile fills my whole soul with happiness and contentment; his solid little body, snuggled into me, brings calmness and warmth. Oh, how very, very grateful I am for him, especially today on his 6-month birthday. God gave me the most wonderful, personal gift ever when he sent little Levi to earth.