Sunday, January 18, 2009

TRIM training: Coupon Clutch

At work last week I began TRIM training--eliminating waste and increasing value. One tool we learned about was called 5S--can't recall what it stands for but I remember that part of it means a place for everything and everything in it's place. That inspired me to clean out my purse, which reminded me of one of my biggest challenges at keeping paper stuff and my purse tidy: where to keep the coupons. So this morning I made a coupon clutch for my purse that was big enough for all of my favorite coupons: Joann's ads and Costco coupon booklets as well as printed-from-online coupons for Hobby Lobby and groceries. Now that I've got a place for coupons, we'll see how tidy I can keep my purse. (I'm not holding my breath while still feeling surprisingly hopeful.)

The next 5S project is my desk at work--arghhh! It's ALWAYS a disaster! I'll take before and after pics.