Sunday, January 4, 2009

A goal for today: to take pictures and post at least one new thing here and on etsy. Wahoo!

In the last three months, I've been crazy busy (and loving every minute of it) making things to sell at boutiques (two so far) and on etsy (one so far!). After seriously depleting my stash at the Christmas boutique at work (what a rush that was--so fun because it was so unexpected), I've been restocking and trying out some new things, too--felt snowflakes, felted wool pencil cases (idea from Patti that I made last year then refined last week with stabilizer ironed on to the wool before cutting out the pieces--I like it soooo much better than my last one) . (Thanks go to Annie, also, for passing on her unwanted wool sweaters--don't you just love recying!) I'm also working on some mini ironing board covers (thanks for the idea, Renae) to use as decoration/bulletin board in my sewing area. I'm just waiting for a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby (maybe this week?) to buy some cork board to put under the fabric and see how that works. Oh, and I want to make some mini covered-button tacks to go with the board.

An update on perfect-grandbaby Levi: he gets better everyday! It just doesn't seem possible. I never imagined the joy one little boy could bring into my life; his smile fills my whole soul with happiness and contentment; his solid little body, snuggled into me, brings calmness and warmth. Oh, how very, very grateful I am for him, especially today on his 6-month birthday. God gave me the most wonderful, personal gift ever when he sent little Levi to earth.

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