Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Late Night Preview

I think I'm getting smarter. :) Tonight I have been taking pictures all along while working on a Valentine's project. It's not done yet, so here's just a little taste--I hope you think it's yummy! It's made with red and white felt and a pink purl cotton blanket stitch. Oh, yeah. This project was inspired by something Martha did with a pink napkin and a pair of scissors in the current magazine. And talking about Martha, while I usually like her stuff, sometimes she really has some wonky ideas, like this Valentine's hat for a baby. This is NOT an idea I will be stealing from MDF Martha.

PS: CTR (Charlet Totally Rocks)

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Davis Family said...

What was she thinking? Have you heard about the show her own daughter does about her? Her daughter must have had a heydey with this one!