Sunday, January 18, 2009

One More Thing

I forgot to post a Levi picture today. This one shows his two little teeth (did I mention that I was the first to discover BOTH of his teeth?).

So today Erin decides to let Levi taste bread. Now let me tell you a little about Erin. She's very particular about what Levi eats: one new food a week; fresh and unprocessed; grind your own baby food at the table; etc. I couldn't even let him lick the chili spoon today! So she comes down the stairs with some spongy white bread today, ready to let the perfect baby take a taste. I very kindly, no pressure, suggest that perhaps a good full-grain wheat bread might be better for the bebe, and she pretends to agree. I mean, that white bread will give him constipation and could totally choke him--all gluey and sticky in his mouth!

Then the minute my back is turned, Erin is shoving white bread into the little dear's mouth. And she didn't even have the guts to confess! I had to use my deductive skills: empty bread sack, flecks of crust on the blanket around Levi, and a glazed look in his eyes! I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked!

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Lori Sume said...

that is hilarious! but good for you for trying to have your grandson eat healthy. maybe the white bread was organic?? ; )