Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Staycation Wahoo!!!

Right off the bat, you need to know that Levi is sitting on the desk next to the keyboard, so I'm blaming any wonkiness on him.

I just talked to Sarah on the phone and told her about all of the fun I'm having during my week of week off of work staycation: rearranging the craft room and buying a cutting table; putting together bookshelves for my sleeping room; spray painting garage sale frames; going to movies at noon and taking a nap every day! She wanted to see evidence and accused me of always saying I'll take pictures then I never to. Here's proof she's wrong and I'm right!

The new cutting table on bed risers to be easier on my back . . . It's 36" x 36" with really cool extensions that make it 36" by 72". Erin keeps upping the amount she'd pay me for it, but I'm holding firm.

And from another angle . . .

We moved over the central desk to make room for the table . . .

Dang, it always looks so messy.

My old bookshelf, but I like the combo of frames, etc. and the hooters picture from the salt lake city indie craft fair. . .. .

The latest bookcases with painted frames . . . and the garage sale duvet cover and the kiwi kiss side tables . . . I simply adore Kiwi Kiss.

Bed and tables again

Frames again . . . and yes, I do know the books aren't stacked the usual way. I have so many books and buy so many from the library that I really need to pack them into the shelves.

One more for the frames.

Now Levi and I are going to costco to buy wheat tortillas (thanks for the heads up, Amy) to eat with the savory pork (thanks for the recipe, Joellyn) we made in the crock pot. Yum yum.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Quarterly seems pretty good to me.

It's only been three months since that last post so that means I'm on a pretty good quarterly schedule. It won't win me any prizes, but it's certainly doable and won't keep me awake at nights fretting about my blog. Now that would truly be a disaster!

I've kind of been stuck on trying to make the blog itself look better, so I stitched up a header with the blog title, then I realized it is way too square and should be much skinnier (hmmm--maybe that's a virtual reflection of my physical self . . .). Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, and thanks to the fabulous Dirk for photographing and editing the photo, I just plucked out the offending parts and ended up with a banner than works. At least it works enough to go with for now.

So there you have it--a fancy, schmancy header for a poor, ignored blog!