Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quick Update

Here it is 5 months since the last post and I can hardly believe it. Levi had his second birthday, Erin is going to have a baby girl in November (or December?), I did my first boutique (Oh, Sweet Sadie show in May), enjoyed a lovely family at my house for several weeks (including the arrival of a wonderful baby), and, just yesterday, finished ALL of the preparations for a huge display at my work convention this coming week! Wow! It's been a wonderful spring and early summer!

Zan has settled in in Boston (well, actually nearby but I can't recall the name--just one block away from Cambridge) and will arrive here next Saturday for a lovely long visit. She's going to help me prepare for and be part of Craft Lake City on August 14th. I've got big plans for art smocks and oilcloth bags and some new ironing board covers for the show and am super excited to be part of it this year.

Well, I should probably post a picture, since that's what I always like on blogs. Here's a recent one of the boy (as he calls himself then he wants me to get him out of his car seat: he says, in an questioning tone, "the boy?" as if I could possibly forget him!). This is Levi at his art desk in my craft room, wearing his favorite reading glasses to provide the very best view possible. :)