Thursday, February 21, 2008

What's In a Name?

Last night as I was walking (finally--I've taken a sadly long break from exercise for too many months) I gave some serious thought to something MDF (My Dear Friend) Patti keeps telling me: You've got to have a blog! I think maybe she'd just like to diffuse some of the attention she gets from me on a near-daily basis as I bring yet another creation to her desk for her perusal (and, I always hope, enjoyment).

The problem is that I am compelled, no, Compelled to Craft; whether or not I or anyone else actually has any use for whatever I make matters not a wit. When I see or hear about or read about something to make I fairly pant with excitement! The Barry Manilow song says, "I've never met a man I didn't like"; I'm that way about crafts: I never met a craft I didn't like. (I do like some better than others, though, somewhat like men, perhaps . . .)

Yes, I have a compulsion to craft, just like I have a compulsion to read and to eat and to listen to books on tape (I keep asking god to give me the compulsion to exercise; I'm still waiting). Making things relaxes me; making things refreshes me; making things makes me happy. :)

So there you are. And here we are. And ain't life grand!


Patti said...

That's funny, MDF means medium density fiber board to me.

I'm so excited you started a blog so you can become even more popular and we can all bask in your glory as we ride on your coattails.


S said...

love it. i bet next you're going to say that you're going to take some picutes and upload them, huh?

Alisa and Casey said...

holy crap MDF we totally have to link!!