Sunday, February 8, 2009

Something Fabulous for the Five

Yay! Thanks for playing! I made something for each of you and will bring most of them to work tomorrow. Holly and Emily, I'll give yours to Justin. Sarah, can you stand to wait until I come to Houston in April?

I'm not going to post a picture so you'll be surprised. I hope you'll enjoy what I made and have fun using it. :)

In other crafting today, I finished the big, ol' Christmas stocking and put it in the washer to full (felt) it. I just can't get over how cool felted knitting is. Every time I take a shrunk wool item out of the washer I get a little frisson of excitement! Now I'm wondering if I want to embellish this stocking or leave as is to enjoy it's simplicity. FYI, the stocking as you see it is about 15" long--it shrunk to about half it's original size.

I'm listening to David McCullough's 1776 right now and loving a deeper look and understanding of the America revolution than I've ever had. It's also been fun to hear about the places in Boston I've been able to see while visiting Suzie and Matt. I could picture it in my mind.

And finally, Levi and I had our first grandma date last night. At the advanced age of 7 months, Levi got to stay and play at my house alone last night for the first time. It was Erin and Nate's second anniversary and they celebrated with dinner and a movie. Levi and I played piggies and had nakey time on the floor (okay, he had nakey time and I patted his soft fanny) and ate dinner (grilled cheese sandwich for me and applesauce, olives, and toast for Levi) and watched Pride and Prejudice and looked at and tasted Goodnight Moon. He is a delight, as ever. Here's a self-portrait of us on our first official date:


The Tregeagles said...

What a cute couple of kids!

The Calls said...

Thank you so much!!! The little box is so stinking cute and I love all the fun little embellishments inside.

Davis Family said...

Ahhh, the memories of hitting a hand full of resale shops for cheap wool goods (You want $2 dollars a sweater??? We'll keep looking.) and then shrinking them. I remember when Isaac asked me, "Mom, why does Aunt Paula like to shrink things so much?" For explaining that it may take a year to get the craftie done, you sure did work quickly. I can't wait to see what you've made for me!
Whatever you say +1.

Enid said...

Hey Paula, I've been thinking about you lately and can't believe how easy it is to lose touch! How fun to be a grandma! I got to join the club when Craig and his wife Heidi had a little girl, Ashlyn, 15 months ago! How fun to have a grandma date! Now Ginger is getting married and I wanted to say hi. Give me a hi back if you remember your old friend from Logan! Enid Kelley

Paula said...

Enid, it's so wonderful to hear from you. What's your email address? I'd love to catch up and hear all about your grandbaby and Ginger's upcoming wedding, etc.

Enid said...

Hey Paula!

My email is

Can you tell I like this grandma bit! What is your email?