Monday, September 12, 2011

New Machines

Today I bought an industrial fabric cutter at Daines sewing center down in Murray so that I can cut multiple layers of of ironing board pad fabric at once. Right now I have to cut each one separately with my scissors and it takes a LOT of time! I'm super excited to try out the new cutter tomorrow and then to serge them on my new serger that arrived last week! I'll be sewing so fast you probably won't even be able to see me. :)

So while I was in Daines I saw two machines that I really REALLY wanted: one was a used Juki straight stitch industrial machine that is also as fast as lightning for a mere $375 which I promptly bought; the other was a ginormous Singer bookbinding sewing machine that just made me drool with it's beauty and size and cost close to $2,000 and would pretty much fill up any room it was in which I refrained from buying although it was really tough! I'll probably dream of large sewing machines all night!


Lori said...

Yay for Paula!!!!! Good job with the restraint on the mondo machine though it might not be a bad idea down the road for you.

Talk of the Town said...


Charlet & family said...

yeah! i want to come see.