Thursday, April 26, 2012


Since Sunday, I've been feeling cranky and irritable, so I'm extra happy today to feel cheerful and energetic. Wahoo! Now I'm just trying to pick which of the many things I want to do today . . . sew tablecloths with the other two sets of laminated cotton? . . . sew a pennant with the laminated cotton pennants fabric? . . . continue to sort and organize the business storage room? . . . sew kindle and ipad covers for the upcoming boutiques next week? . . . photograph and post some new ironing board covers? . . . sew covers with the new fabrics I bought this week? . . . begin work on a free tutorial for making padded ironing board covers? It's so fun to WANT to do everything and to be excited! I think I'll start with the pennants.  I'm going to try putting them all together with bias tape and see if I like the look. If I like it, I'm going to put together a bunch of them to sell on etsy and at Oh, Sweet Sadie here in Daybreak and The Wilson Avenue Boutique down in Lindon.

Here's an image of the cute fabric from Riley Blake:

Thanks to my dear friend Megan for pointing out this wonderful fabric to me while we were at Riley Blake on Tuesday. She's truly a gem.


Lori said...

Paula- you can do anything!!!! You are amazing!

Di Lewis said...

Hi Paula! I am hopping around and found you..and your etsy products. The ironing board covers look really nice and I plan to purchase one.Have a wonderful week. so nice to meet you! Sunny109