Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I am just so very blessed I can hardly contain it! My business is growing nicely (I was afraid January would be a drop from December, but my month total to date is already more than December's total) and I adore being my own boss (I'm really nice to myself): I'm eating well and exercising and very happy about it; I have more energy; I have grandkids just around the corner and get lots of good visiting time with Erin and sometimes Nate; I'm sleeping well; I get to spend time with Suzie & Matt in two weeks in lovely, temperate San Francisco; Zan just found out she's got the fellowship in DC after graduation that she wanted so much; and I just figured out how to sew in an invisible zipper and make it look good! Wahoo! God is good. :)

Oh, and I love being surrounded by fabric and working with it every day.


Lori said...

I am truly happy for you and am so glad things are going well! You so deserve it!!!!!

Joellyn said...

Smiles and hugs! You deserve it!

Charlet said...

woohoo! i am slow but yeah!

Mel said...

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