Saturday, January 21, 2012

I need a quick break

 . . . so I'm going to write for a few minutes.

On Monday of this week I started a new food plan (I don't use the word diet because it implies temporariness) that is already making me feel better: The 17-Day Diet. I already have more energy and my blood pressure has been a bit lower this week, plus I'm losing weight; what a great combo! Now the challenge is to find enough different ways to cook chicken and eggs and fish to keep me from getting bored. Thanks tons to MDF Marilee Durrant for sharing this food plan with me. :)

I'm busily preparing for the Valentine's Oh Sweet Sadie boutique. This time I'm redesigning my booth and am super excited to work on my ideas next week. I bought 2"x 6" white grid wall and plan to use lots of burlap (Erin found a huge bolt at a yard sale!) and giant paper flowers, plus arrange things by fabric rather than by type (ironing board cover, pillow cover, etc.). I really want it to have a strong visual impact both from a distance and close up.

This morning I asked Erin if she'd do freelance work for me, preparing items for shipping and I'm super excited that she said, "yes"! Even though I'm not yet making enough to totally support myself, I'm realizing that my time could generate more income by developing and posting new products rather than doing the shipping. I'm curious to see how it goes. I'm also planning to ask that same amazing MDF Marilee if she has time to do some of the sewing in prep for the boutique so I can have a nice full booth while still having time to redesign the booth. Wish me luck!

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