Monday, December 28, 2009

Valentines Decor

Being the sucker I am for a good sale, I picked up four one-yard pieces of fabric in shades of pink and red last week, thinking I'd make a pennant banner for Valentine's Day decor--they were on clearance at The Material Girls quilt shop right here in town for a mere $3.00 a yard, minus an additional 20%, making them just $2.40 a yard. I simply couldn't resist. Then to my delight, the fabrics were just like the loaves and the fishes--they went on and on and on! I ended up with enough banner for the front and back porches (granted, my front porch is miniscule--we refer to it as "the servant's entrance") and the loft (I'll snap pics once the Christmas decor is down and the Valentine's is up).

With the leftovers I made a dozen 3-d heart ornaments.

Then with the leftovers of that I made two pretty kitchen towels.

Then with the leftovers of that, I pieced a little tree skirt for the ornament tree.

Then with the leftovers of that I made binding for the skirt.

And there are STILL leftovers!

That was perhaps the best $9.80 I've ever spent.

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Davis Family said...

This post reminds of the childrens' book "Something From Nothing." I love what you've made! I'll be looking for something new tomorrow.