Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Home. Sweet, sweet home.

After a wonderful and inspiring trip to CHA in Anaheim, I'm glad to be back home. As soon as I got to the house today, Erin, Nate, and Levi took me over to their new house for a tour: they signed the papers yesterday and got the keys today which means I will soon be rattling around here in my house alone.

Their home is simply beautiful. I'll post pictures this weekend for all to enjoy. I think I'm probably making Erin crazy by telling her over and over how lucky she is. And I'm incredibly lucky to have them a mere .17 miles away (as in about 1/8 of a mile). Wahoo!!
During the tour, Levi flushed every toilet MANY times while saying his newest word: potty. He's enamored of the new toilets and had a hard time dragging himself away to show me his new bedroom, the linen closet, and the pantry. I wonder how long his fascination with the potty will last . . . maybe long enough to get him potty trained???

Here's a pic of the bald guy just before I left for CA. He got away from me during a diaper change . . . and headed straight for the sword.


Davis Family said...

He's perfect!!!! And so is his GM.

Lori said...

Congrats to Erin and Nate and little man Levi on their new home!

and congrats on your soon to be many walks back and forth!

Charlet said...

Single lady once again. Glad you are back. Missed ya!