Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's Alive!

Here it is Saturday morning and I've got a load of things to do this morning, but I just can't get started without reporting on the serger: it works!

The color coded threading diagram was amazingly helpful, right up until I got to the "red" thread path. Blue: check. Green: check. Yellow: check. Red: arghhhhhh.

I turned to the included manual (the one for a Bernette 1200 rather than my machine, the 334 ds), where, lo and behold (what does "lo and behold" mean anyway? anyone know?) I found this little gem: press the easy threader lever, draw up thread, and release the lever. Easy threader lever?

A close look (is there still oil on my nose) revealed a minute little bit of metal than when pressed shot out a whole new gizmo in the machine! Mystery solved!

The easy threader is circled--tiny, huh.

And here's the gizmo that shoots out.

And true to its name, once found, the easy threader lever was indeed easy.

Next challenge: figure out the thread tension.


Davis Family said...

If I were there I would personally wipe the oil off your nose with my finger.

Paula said...

Why, thank you.

Davis Family said...

Thank me? I though that would make you attack me! Even the kids know not to touch Antie Paula's nose.