Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And the first magically transforming Halloween pillowcase treat bag sells!

I just think it's so fun when I sell the first of any item. :) What a rush to know someone out there likes what I made.

On another note, I met Jen Foxley and Anna and Owen at the park for lunch today and FORGOT to take a picture! Dang it! They are all so darn cute! I loved getting to sit on the ground under a shade tree and hear all about what Jen's up to and to tell her about my ideas. And the best part was watching Anna go up and down the swirly slide while Owen did the bear crawl on the bark since he refuses to walk. In fact we had such a good time we are making a standing date: every Tuesday at noon as long as the weather holds we'll picnic at the park. And I'll remember to take a picture next time so you can enjoy them, too.


Joellyn said...

Oh, please do and tell them hi!

Lori said...

oh how very fun! tell her hello for me too! tell jen to update her blog! yes i want to see pictures. we have to live the good life vicariously through you now you know. you are one of the "ladies who lunch". I just sit at my desk and work. (my life doesn't sound like something out of a cool book...like yours does now.)

love the halloween treat bag!!!

Lori said...

and you know i am there for you to draw/design images for you if you want me to.

Lauren said...

Yay for new sales!! As per your request, I have blogged about my new adventure of working for myself.