Thursday, August 11, 2011

Check it out!

Here's my fancy schmancy business plan, made all by myself! Cool, huh!

And here it is in readable format:

I will sell the following quantities each month:
  • Wholesale ironing board covers (IBCs): 125
  • Custom IBCs to hotels, etc: 100
  • Retail IBCs on Etsy: 50
  • Retail IB pads on Etsy ( 20 (there's not enough profit in the pads to sell them wholesale; I just offer them as a service on Etsy)
  • Vintage resale on Etsy (, KSL, Craig's list, Ebay: $500 worth (values vary) (this is to support my garage saling habit without overfilling my house, garage, life!)
  • Lanyards: 100
  • Various household decor on still-to-be-stocked Etsy ( $1000 worth (values vary)

And here are the hours I'll work:
  • Monday through Friday: 7am to noon and 4pm to 8pm, except Wednesday date-night with Levi when I won't work in the afternoon ). I've always wanted a quiet afternoon for lunch with friends, a siesta, grocery shopping, errands, a movie.
  • Saturday: garage saling 6:30 am to 11:00 and posting vintage items for sale from 4pm to 8pm

This is what I'm starting with and will adapt as I'd like. That's the joy of being my own boss! Wahoo!


Lori said...

Wahoo for sure!!!! Go Paula!

Joellyn said...


Joellyn said...

Ugh- I have trouble with blogger comments from my phone. What I meant to say was:

Seriously awesome! Let me know if I can do anything because you know your peeps would do anything to help give you a kick start.

Talk of the Town said...

I was happy to see how many sales you have on Etsy Paula. I haven't looked in such a long time. I think you will have great success!