Monday, August 8, 2011

Vocational Musings

So this new opportunity to be self-employed has really got me thinking about what I want to do and how I want to do it; about what's important to me and what's not important; about how I want to feel and about what I don't want to feel. I've realized that I tend to look back on my life with embarrassment and self-criticism rather than appreciating what I've learned from each experience, especially the tough experiences and the mistakes.

I've been thinking that I'd like to record the coming journey in an open public forum, to hear myself say aloud, "this is what I'm thinking and doing and I refuse to feel embarrassed about it today or ever." I give myself permission, in fact I give myself the directive to make lots of mistakes so I can learn lots and lots of things to make my life better and happier. I expect to do some dumb things and I expect to have some hard times. I know I get depressed and wallow in self-pity. I also know I always pick myself up, remember god loves me and I can love me too, and move forward again. God is taking me places I didn't have the guts to take myself and I'm pretty excited for the trip. :)

So here's my declaration:
I'm building a business for myself, doing what I love the most: making things. I'm putting love and good intent into every item I make, whether it's the first of the 10,000th. I'm partnering with a non-profit that serves African women. I'm living the life god wants for me because he is smarter than I am.

Enough rambling for tonight. As Tiny Tim said, "God bless us, every one."

Life is good.


Lisa said...

Gosh, I love you Paula. :)

Nessa said...


Lori said...

Woot Woot!!!!! I truly believe you can do anything!!!! So there! Miss you more than words can say!!!! May we all figure out what we need to be doing!

Joellyn said...

It's so great to have you blogging again!

I know you can do great things. We are all cheering you on! Love ya.

Andrea said...

This sounds brilliant! GO GO GO!

Renae Curtz said...

I'm so very happy that you've landed right where you are supposed to be. And how wonderful that you are using your talents for the greater good! I'm sure you will be hugely successful!

lgardner said...

Bully for you...HOO RAH!!!
Love your guts,

Charlet & family said...

I love ya! And am so excited to hear all about your business. I'd love to help ya however you desire.

I too am so happy you are blogging. Yippee.

Annie Traynor said...

Yay for your new business venture! I love it!