Sunday, August 28, 2011

Suzie and Matt and such

I just realized I totally forgot to take any pictures while Suzie and Matt where here! Darn it! You'll just have to believe me that we had a lovely, lazy visit: went to two movies on Saturday, played games at Erin's house, slept in, and took little walks with the dog and the kids. Their car was packed full, so we didn't even attempt to do any yard saling on Saturday; Zan will be here next weekend and I'm wondering if she'll want to do any yard saling.

Did you know google has a calendar?! It's great! I just set up my new, revised v 1.1 schedule which now includes less nap time and more time to enjoy dinner with family and friends.

I'm recommitting myself this week to working all of the hours I've scheduled. It amazes me how easily the days slip by so quickly, filled with family and friends. Finding balance is always a challenge for me; I think that this new schedule better accommodates time with others as long as I just watch the clock and get back to work when it's scheduled.

Just so this post isn't too boring, here's an old picture you might get a kick out of: this is my graduation from Utah State University with a bachelor's degree back in 1993. Along with me and the girls, my mom, brother David, and sisters Kristine (glasses) and Sarah are also in the picture.
At the time there were only 10 children among us; now there are 22 plus 5 8/9 grandbabies! Go Hogans!

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Lori said...

Cute picture, Paula!