Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Job Jitters

It's kind of funny and definitely unexpected, but I've got the new job jitters tonight! Because I've had family visitors ever since I lost my job, I haven't actually had a real work day yet of working for myself. As I was walking home from Erin's after watching The King's Speech, I realized I felt some butterflies in my stomach about being solely responsible for my success. It feels just a mite overwhelming (or to answer Julia Stile's younger sister in 10 Things I hate about You, I could just say whelming since they mean the same thing).

Anyway, I'm going to take it as a good sign that I feel jittery about starting a new job and go jump in bed for what I hope will be a good rest. First thing on the agenda tomorrow: make a list of done and nearly done things I can post on etsy, prioritize the list, and get started in order. I will also begin clearing out Zan's room upstairs to get it ready to rent. Let me know if you know anyone looking for a room to rent in the lovely Daybreak community. Cindy (was Rhodes) Carroll, my friend and current renter, can vouch for it here. :) And I can vouch for her, too: it's a joy having her around.


Lori said...

Sweet Paula- who I miss dearly!!!!- All will be well. You have a plan! You have the talent! You can move mountains! Well- maybe just little hills right now since you are just starting out on your own, but you will be OK and eventually those mountains will start moving. I know it! I have huge mondo-type faith in you. All will be well! Did I already say that I miss you? This is probably the 100th time...but I miss you! More than words can say. Even trying to use a descriptive word like bucolic which I have yet to actually want to use in a sentence but I do hope that your life will be pasteural. ; ) Still sounds like someone has a disease of some sort when I think of that bucolic word. ; )

Charlet & family said...

Can I garage sale with you?