Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fruits of my labor

Yesterday I had a little moment of panic when I realized that I'd have to sew ironing board covers for at least 6 hours a day 5 days a week every week of the year to support myself and so far this week I had hardly sewn at all. Luckily Erin talked me through it and reminded me that right now I need to spend more time building up channels for selling and testing new products and that I've got my severance pay to get me through from now to then. Ahhhh, I felt much better--the joy of having a wise and wonderful grown daughter living nearby.

I want to remember to relax and have faith that I'll have everything I need. I don't have to do more than I can and that's comforting.

All that said, I still set a goal of completing 20 ironing board covers today in preparation for Oh, Sweet Sadie in two weeks and I'm delighted to say I did it with several interruptions to eat ice cream (this is becoming a daily event--okay twice today: breakfast and dinner) and think about taxes (self-employment tax is crazy high) and read about taxes (with a home business I can deduct part of my interest and some other home expenses) and think about houses (should I keep mine or move to a smaller place or move in with Erin and Nathan while I build my business) and walk Ursa--twice--and talk to Joellyn and Mom and Sarah and Becca and Erin and order some fabric and refill some prescriptions. I made it and it feels good. Very good.

Tomorrow I'd better think about ice cream, or rather less about ice cream. :)

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Davis Family said...

you didn't mention what flavor of ice cream...
oh, i love you and i adore you