Monday, March 10, 2008

Fine glitter is fine: chunky glitter . . . well . . .

I saw glittered eggs on Martha Stewart's site yesterday, so I stopped at Hobby Lobby on the way home to buy the stuff: mini paper mache eggs, pastel glitter, and a little glass dome. I also brought home a couple kinds of glitter from work to try them out.

First I tried the Lobby's pastel glitter: YUCK! It hardly glitters, which seems totally contrary to its name, and it is too chunky to stick well in this application.

Next I tried the chunky glitter from work and, while it is truly glittery--YAY--it still didn't stick well to the egg. (I used the Podge for my glue.)

Finally, I tried out the fine glitter and, voila, it was perfect! Way to go, Glitter!

Here are the eggs in the little dish . . .

. . . here with the dome on it.

I'm happy. :)

On a side note, someone looked at my house tonight and two more are planning to come tomorrow. And here's what Kelly, my realtor, said about the people who saw it on Saturday: "Tricia, the agent who showed your home called back. Her buyers have
determined its a little too far South for them but they thought the
condition and price were excellent." That gives me hope. I'm so glad they didn't just hate it. That would have been really sad.

My dad called tonight to get all the details about the townhouse, so I directed him to the Hamlet Homes site and we looked at the layout together for the Mackenzie model, which is the one I'm getting. Just thinking about it makes me smile--I can so totally picture myself there, working away in the basement craft room (mistakenly listed as "family room" on the layout) while someone else shovels snow and mows the lawn. Ahhhh, that's the life!


Patti Bogdan said...

You're amazing. I went home and laid on my floor and watched TV. Too tired to lift a finger. Watching the beautiful sunlight slip away....

Jessica said...

super cute eggs!

Paula said...

Hi, Jessica. I can't believe you live in Redmond, Oregon! I grew up in your close neighbor, Bend, in fact my parents are still there. Wahoo for Oregonians.