Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yup, I'm still packing

Nothing new here aside from the fabulous interest rate I locked in today, thanks to quick work on the part of Jeff W. at Stirling Mortgage. Wahoo, Jeff! I finished packing the craft room tonight, finished the laundry room, and am about half done with the downstairs bathroom.

Oh, I did get to do a little knitting and origami star folding during a long meeting today and Christy joined in with the stars. She's a whiz--picked it up so easily. Here's to Christy: YAY!

Oh, another way cool thing today: Annie brought in mini-cupcake lollipops today that were just the coolest thing ever--Kristina took a picture; I'll post it if she'll give it to me. :) Lucky Annie has her sister and nephew visiting. And I'm going to be lucky later this week when my sister Kris and her hubby, Kent, come up for the wedding of our growing up neighbor, Joy. Kris is the most amazing, totally cool person you could hope to meet, and she's the mother of 11 children!

Here's a pic of Kris at Bear Lake last fall when she and I took a vacation together. We weren't really good at relaxing, though; six days were definitely more than we could handle! And I'm pretty sure Kris was tired of me beating her at Boggle. :) (Don't pay any attention to Kris if she tries to tell you she was the one to school me at Boggle.) Finally on day 4 we came home early so we could get busy on her Neal's wedding. :) Back in Riverton we got to shop and eat out for lunch every day--now that's relaxing!

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S said...

Did you go to Cafe Rio's??? Or should I just ask how many times? I can smell it now (and, oh, my friend has a copycat recipe for the salad!!!)