Sunday, March 23, 2008

Must craft, must craft, must craft . . .

It's just about driving me nuts to have most of my craft stuff packed! Arghhhh!

On the up side, I got to spend time in the new house yesterday while showing it off to my visitors. My dad took a bunch of photos that I hope to post later this week if he can burn them to a CD while at my brother's house. I already packed all of the CDs and he didn't have the cord to download to my computer. The house was just as beautiful as I remembered and now my mind is awhirl with ideas for arranging the furniture and decorating, and more than anything, how to set up the craft room. I think I've decided against built-in cupboards since that could be limiting if I wanted to sell the house sometime. Here's a list of work areas I'd like: sewing (including room for the ironing board to be always set up), beading, papercrafting, computer and paperwork, weaving, knitting, origami, gift wrapping--hmmm, that's 8 places. I think I'll need a rolling chair!

I don't have pictures of any new crafts to post, but it's so fun to put up pictures I'm going to find an old one.

Okay, here's one of me as a kid with a foreshadowing of the indie craft movement--check out the short, straight bangs! Way to go, Mom!

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S said...

If this is a foreshadow of how cute a future grandson may be, he'll be a heartbreaker.