Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wallpaper is nasty, nasty, nasty!

After spending hours yesterday and today scraping at wallpaper, I consider it a swear word! I promise right now I will never, never, NEVER put up wallpaper.

Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad and I did have help from the amazing Annie who did all of the area in the pictures; it is quite a chore, though. And it was desperately needed. I'm a little embarrassed that Zan had to spend her entire high school life living in a room papered with Noah's ark. She did her best to cover it up with pictures and such (as witnessed by the plethora, and I do mean plethora in the real sense of overabundance!, of holes in the uncovered wall) but Noah's ark it still was. Sorry, Zan.

Once the walls dry completely, I'll paint the room a pristine white--all in preparation for putting my house on the market. After Friday, though, when I began to look at houses, I'm not so sure I want to sell mine. I saw only one house I liked and it's already got another offer on it.

Online I did just see a townhouse at Daybreak that looks interesting. I really like the idea of no yard or exterior home care. I think I'll take a look there next.

I was so busy tearing down wallpaper all weekend I didn't get to MAKE anything! Here's a picture of the paperbead bracelet I made last week, though.

I got hooked on the whole indie crafting idea while at CHA and loved attending a seminar given by an editor at Craft: magazine. I guess I'm already something of an indie crafter, albeit without the short, straight bangs. :) Anyway, in the seminar we got to make paper-bead bracelets. I'm tellin' ya, it just doesn't get any better than that!

I used a cheapie glue stick and a small metal crochet hook that was sitting on my desk to roll up the beads on. Then I gave the beads a good shellacking with the Podge. In the background of the picture are the long skinny triangles of paper for the beads. Okay, just thinking about the beads I'm itching to make something right now, so I'm going to sign off and say, "Happy Making!"

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