Saturday, March 15, 2008

Packin' it in

As of yesterday afternoon, my house is under contract! The buyers accepted my counteroffer and we are set to close around April 9! I can't believe how quickly it all went and I'm so, SO grateful. Now I can pack up the rest of the house, putty and paint the nail holes, and give everything a final scrub so when moving day comes it should be a breeze. I think I'll start with my bedroom/craftroom today and see how far I get. My folks are coming for a visit next weekend and are planning to come back for the move, and Suz is coming the following week to celebrate her 25th birthday, so the time 'twix now and moving day will go quickly.

I'm still folding origami stars to fill sconces--I don't think I realized how long it would take to make so many. :) Looks like it will be a long-term project. Here's the little pile I've got so far. Believe it or not, these little babies represent about 3 hours of work. Isn't that crazy! Each star is folded from a 1/2" x 12" strip of paper (beautiful paper, Jen!).

Here's a link with instructions for making the stars; and another link; email me if you have any questions. It's so much easier to show someone in person than with diagrams.

It's so nice to know I'm not the only one out there making crazy amounts of stars (often called lucky stars).

Oh, when my dad is here next weekend, he's going to begin teaching me how to take good pictures; I suspect you'll all appreciate his efforts. :)

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S said...

Can you put a quarter next to the stars for size reference? Gorgie. What great tips did you get from The Dad?