Friday, March 7, 2008

Oh, soooooo close

Quick update before work: I painted the room last night and it looks so bright and clean then this morning I put the blinds back up, vacuumed, and moved what furniture I could. Maybe MDF Patti will follow me home from work today to help move the bed. :) Here's a picture of Annie's corner looking much better.

I can hardly believe that a week ago that room was covered with a contingent of Noah and friends! Now I'm wondering if it's better to leave the walls plain or to hang some things. The new owners (I'm thinking positively) might prefer to have no nail holes in the wall, but a too-plain room may not appeal to potential buyers. Any opinions out there?

The only, only thing left is to finish tidying my room and I suppose I'll have to make my bed, too, everyday that the house is on the market. Sigh.

Happy Friday!


Patti Bogdan said...

I can't BELIEVE how fast you are!

I think hanging something could be nice

Christy said...

I vote for hanging something. If it makes the room look nicer I doubt anyone will even think about a hole or two.